No fly days 2021

This years race meeting and no fly are:

07 April 2021 Wednesday Afternoon
17 April 2021 Saturday Evening
27 April 2021 Tuesday Afternoon
07 May 2021 Friday Evening
08 May 2021 Saturday Afternoon
18 May 2021 Tuesday Afternoon
23 May 2021 Sunday Afternoon
02 June 2021 Wednesday Afternoon
10 June 2021 Thursday Afternoon
14 June 2021 Monday Evening
24 June 2021 Thursday Afternoon
05 July 2021 Monday Afternoon
16 July 2021 Friday Afternoon
20th July 2021 Tuesday Evening BHA
29 July 2021 Thursday Afternoon
3rd August Tuesday Evening BHA
10 August 2021 Tuesday Afternoon
13 August 2021 Friday Afternoon
29 September 2021 Wednesday Afternoon
06 October 2021 Wednesday Afternoon
13 October 2021 Wednesday Afternoon
27 October 2021 Wednesday Afternoon
03 November 2021 Wednesday Afternoon

Other events that may have an impact are as follows –

Saturday May 22nd Cinema and picnic in the grandstand concourse – Not in the middle
Saturday 3rd July – Music festival all in the racecourse side not in the middle
8th July to 11th July – Colour Rush Obstable in the middle of the course – They will be arriving on the 8th staying over in the Hostel, setting up from Friday 9th with the event on the Saturday 10th and will be off site first thing Monday 12th they will be in the middle Ron and team will rope off the landing strip from the 9th
Sunday 1st August music event in the racecourse – not in the middle
Saturday 7th August – reggae festival all in the racecourse not in the middle set-up will be from the Thursday 5th
Saturday 14th August – Private event in the racecourse not in the middle
Saturday 21st August – As above
Saturday 27th August – Open air cinema in racecourse not in the middle
Saturday 4th September – Vintage carnival in racecourse and in the middle will be parking at far end and marshalled by security all day
Saturday 11th September – UK Running with inflatables using middle of course Rons team to section the landing strip off, will set up from Friday 10th September and off site Sunday 12th
Saturday 18th September – Music event in racecourse – not in the middle
Saturday 25th September – set it off will be using cowlick park not sure if this has an impact?